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Payroll Tax Processing & Compliance
Payroll taxes, unemployment laws and regulations are constantly changing and staying current with strict deadlines to avoid costly penalties can be a burden for a company of any size. Payroll Solutions offers a complete payroll tax & compliance solution to relieve you of that administrative burden.

Simply make one payment per pay period and your entire employer related expense is covered. On a "pay as you go" basis, Payroll Solutions helps you plan your employment costs in a predictable and cost effective manner. While you continue to focus on your business, our trained payroll and tax department will handle all payroll audits, deductions, pre-tax benefits, taxes and garnishments on your behalf.
Payroll Solutions will:
Eliminate the time you spend on payroll tax preparation.
Eliminate potential penalties and interest.
Identify, Calculate and deposit your federal, state and local payroll tax.
Prepare and file your quarterly and yearend tax returns.
Respond to tax agency inquiries.
Handle calculations of court-ordered garnishments.
Handle calculation of employee IRS levy’s.
Make payments to the appropriate garnishing authority.
Constantly monitor ever-changing legislation and compliance rules.
Capture new hire information.
Submit new hire reports to the appropriate authority.
Provide you with a complete quarter end package for your files.
Have employees? We will prepare, report and distribute your yearend W-2’s and W-3.
Have Independent Contractors? We will prepare, report and distribute your 1099 and 1096 forms.
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